What are the hardware requirements for a virtualization server?

Setting up a virtualization server? Don’t worry–you don’t need a Cisco certification to choose the right server. If you know your way around the innards of a desktop, you won’t have any problems. Microsoft offers a guide to determine your server hardware requirements. Unfortunately, it requires some technical savvy. This guide, on the other hand, gives […]

What are the requirements for a 3CX dedicated server?

3CX is a PBX system giving businesses a secure and flexible line for communications. A 3CX dedicated server offers an in-house system with complete control and configuration. Leading brands use 3CX including Pepsi, Boeing, and Mitsubishi. Its notable features include Click2Call, Web conferencing, and switchboard capabilities. Have you considered 3CX? But, don’t […]

How much drive space does my server need?

One of the most important questions people ask themselves when starting a new project is this: how much drive space does my server need? And it’s a good question. Each project has different needs. There are differences between hosting a simple blog project and a game streaming server. Each one takes different […]

How much does a typical home server cost?

Have you tried to use peer-to-peer networking on four or more PCs? If you found your network vulnerable to viruses, attacks, and lost data, then you’re not alone. Peer-to-peer networking is fine for a few home computers. But if you link more than three devices or you’re running a small business, […]

How Much Does A Blade Server Cost?

How much does a blade server cost? It’s one of many questions you’ll have to answer when you’re trying to install your own server. Many small businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of having their own server. A blade server remains one of the most popular options available. Before you run […]

How much does a 64 core server cost?

Having a dedicated server core is essential if you’d like the best for your business or personal computing. When you want to host your data, it’s important you research the best server options available.  64 core servers are a type of server you may see in search results or while […]