How to Quickly Setup Your Own Web Server

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How to block an IP using iptables

As a webmaster, you’re eventually going to deal with an abusive user (or several). It’s more or less an inevitable hurdle to doing business online. Maybe they’re spamming your comments section, flooding your server with requests, or harassing your other readers. Either way, you want to get them gone before […]

How to Install and Use Zabbix

Try this article using a ServerMania Cloud server starting a $5 per month.            GET STARTED           Whether you’re launching a single server e-commerce site, or you’re a growing SaaS startup with new servers being deployed daily – we all have one thing […]

Using the Cloud Server App

The ServerMania Cloud includes a free iOS and Android help which allows you to manage cloud servers created at ServerMania. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to setup and use the ServerMania Cloud app. Cloud App OverviewThis application allows ServerMania cloud customers to:Login to your Servermania powered clouds and see statisticsView account […]

Managed vs. Unmanaged Server Support

When you deploy a new dedicated or cloud server, there are two options available as far as server management – managed and unmanaged servers. It can be confusing and frustrating for server owners to understand what level of support they can expect to receive from their server provider’s support team. At […]

How to Upgrade Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers

IT infrastructure should evolve with your business. Over time, you will find new ways to use your servers, and they may no longer be able to meet the changing needs of your applications, employees, and customers. Servers should be upgraded before they reach the limits of their capabilities so that […]

How to Perform A cPanel Migration

Your hosting provider has raised their rates or worse yet, is shutting down their servers.  Don’t go into panic mode. You do not have to manually save and restore each file, database and email account. The cPanel administration dashboard makes it simple to migrate your website to another cPanel host […]