Cloud Backup Alerts and Activities

The Alerts and Activities section of the Cloud Backup control panel allows you to view all actions related to backup services that have been performed, and any alerts needing your attention. This article outlines how to access the Activities and Alerts section of the ServerMania Cloud Backup service, powered by […]

How to Delete a Cloud Backup Agent

There may come a time where you no longer wish to backup a device using the ServerMania Cloud Backup platform, powered by Acronis. Deleting a backup agent is the best way to discontinue backups. This article will outline how to delete a backup agent on the ServerMania Cloud Backup platform. […]

How to Create a Cloud Backup Plan

After installing a user agent, the next step in the backup process is creating a backup plan. This article will outline how to create a cloud backup plan on the ServerMania Cloud backup service, powered by Acronis. Step 1: Login to the cloud backup portal. Visit our cloud backup portal […]

How to Install a Cloud Backup Agent

 Use promo code BACKITUP to receive a 30 day trial on our Cloud Backup.            ORDER NOW            The first step in the cloud backup process is installing a backup agent. The backup agent is a piece of software used to manage the […]

CS:GO System Requirements

The low CS:GO system requirements, price, and gameplay created a smash hit. There are 350,000+ regular players any given month. The title’s seen tournament prize pools topping $1.5 million. Valve & Hidden Path released CS:GO in 2012 to mixed reviews. Today, after years of tweaking and updates, the title has sold over […]

Fallout 4 System Requirements

You’ve looked up the reviews and your excitement is pretty high! You’re ready to go out and kill some raiders, build an awesome fortress, and wander a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  You buy Fallout 4 and insert the disk to download it…  …Only to discover that your PC can’t run it. What a disaster! Avoid […]

Windows 7 System Requirements

Are you ready to upgrade your PC to Windows 7? You may not know that in fact, not all PCs can run Windows 7. Many are able to use this popular upgrade, but there are a few technical requirements your machine will have to meet first. In order to upgrade, you need […]

What is ECC RAM?

Zettabyte. No, it’s not the name of the latest Fortnite skin! It’s a term used to measure the amount of global internet traffic and storage capacity for all that data. One zettabyte equals nearly a billion terabytes. It’s a trillion gigabytes. And if you’re still having trouble picturing that huge number, it’s […]