Bitcoin Payment Walk-Through

Bitcoin can only be used to purchase our Dedicated and Hybrid Servers. This payment option is not available at checkout when purchasing a new Cloud Server. If you wish to pay for your Cloud server when invoiced, follow Existing Client instructions below.New Client1. From the main screen, select the Products […]

How much does a Microsoft SQL Server Cost?

SQL Server licensing can be one of the more complicated topics to wrap your head around. How can you determine your business’s needs when you don’t understand the subject matter? Rest assured, ServerMania has deep knowledge in this area and this article will walk you through everything you need to […]

How to Choose A Server CPU

  Use code KB4KDO0L9 to receive a 10% recurring discount on any server.         GET STARTED         Many businesses identify the critical need for a server or data center as one of their top requirements for their business to grow. This could come in the form […]