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Get List of Backups Available for Disk

To get the list of backups available to a particular disk, use the following request:

GET /settings/disks/:disk_id/backups.xml
GET /settings/disks/:disk_id/backups.json

An array of backups with their details is returned on success.

XML Request Example

curl -i -X GET -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml' -u user:userpass --url http://test/settings/disks/112/backups.xml

JSON Request Example

curl -i -X GET -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json' -u user:userpass --url http://test/settings/disks/112/backups.json

XML Output Example

<backups type="array">
<disk_id type="integer">112</disk_id>
<built_at type="datetime">2011-07-27T15:19:47Z</built_at>
<created_at type="datetime">2011-07-27T15:16:18Z</created_at>
<template_id type="integer">1</template_id>
<updated_at type="datetime">2011-07-27T15:19:47Z</updated_at>
<allowed_swap type="boolean">true</allowed_swap>
<allow_resize_without_reboot type="boolean">true</allow_resize_without_reboot>
<id type="integer">12</id>
<backup_server_id type="integer">1</backup_server_id>
<allowed_hot_migrate type="boolean">true</allowed_hot_migrate>
<min_disk_size type="integer">5</min_disk_size>
<locked type="boolean">false</locked>
<built type="boolean">true</built>


backup – an array of backup details

disk_id – ID of the disk

built_at – time, when the disk was built

operating_system_distro – distribution of the operating system

template_id – ID of the template, used for assigned VS

operating_system – OS of the virtual server, which is allocated at this disk

backup_type – type of the backup (type of period: days/weeks/months/years)

allowed_swap – true, if this is a swap disk; otherwise false

allow_resize_without_reboot – true, if VS's CPU and RAM can be resized without reboot

id – ID of the backup

backup_server_id – the ID of the backup server where the backup is stored

allowed_hot_migrate – true, if hot migration is allowed

backup_size - size of the backup in Kilobytes

min_disk_size – minimum disk size required in GB

identifier – identifier in the DB

locked – true, if the disk is locked

built - true, if the disk is built