Server Mania’s Buffalo, NY, Data Center Connects to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX)

Server Mania is now peering with TorIX from its Upstate New York (Buffalo) data center; Tek Savvy and Videotron are the first peers; Customers can expect less than 10ms of latency.

Server Mania, an industry-leading dedicated and cloud hosting provider, has announced that it has completed a connection between its flagship data center in Buffalo, NY, and the Toronto Internet Exchange Community (TorIX), a key North American Internet Exchange Point (IXP), to ultimately provide customers network latency below 10ms.

TorIX is located at the 151 Front Street West carrier hotel which provides peering with 182 members and peak traffic rates of 163 Gbit/s. Based on numbers of peers, TorIX is the largest Internet Exchange in Canada and the 12th largest in the world.

At TorIX, Server Mania is currently connected with ISPs Tek Savvy and Videotron. Cogeco and Shaw will be added in the coming weeks, and Rogers within a month’s time. Previously, latency had been around 40ms.

“We’re extremely excited to add TorIX as an Internet Exchange partner,” Server Mania CEO Kevin Blanchard said. “The Toronto market is an important center for the financial industry, cloud services, software development, gaming, and other innovative business sectors. These businesses can all greatly benefit from our low latency routes and remote peering.”

TorIX’s not-for-profit model where member fees are put toward operating costs and future equipment purchases keep the costs of interconnection low and encourage an enormous range of organizations to exchange network traffic.

For Server Mania customers, TorIX provides access to a wide range of networks and increased connection speed while maintaining the cost benefits of having a data center in Buffalo.

Server Mania COO Chris Niedojadlo said, “Our partnership with TorIX means that customers can experience extremely low network latency when running their mission-critical workloads. Through peering, customers get the advantages associated with running their IT operations in downtown Toronto, while also taking advantage of our 100% uptime SLA, rapid support and the unbeatable cost savings of running their IT from a cutting-edge data center located in Buffalo where it’s less expensive to operate. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”