London Colocation

Unparalleled redundancy and connectivity in the heart of Europe.

Why London?

  • Tier 4 facility
  • N+N power redundancy
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideal for Europe, Africa, Asia
  • Carrier neutral
  • High bandwidth capacity


ServerMania's London data centre delivers exceptional connectivity to Europe and beyond. This Tier-4 data centre is double redundant across all power, networking, and cooling, delivering pristine uptime and performance.

As well, our London, United Kingdom colocation facility features dedicated 20Gbps network connections to top-tier network providers such as Level3, Zayo, and Sprint. It's the perfect choice for any project that demands world class facilities in the heart of London.

Half Cabinet

Reserve up to 20U of customizable space today.

  • From 20U space per cabinet
  • Electricity: On demand
  • Network drop: On demand
  • Management: Basic Support

Private Cabinets

Fully scalable and customizable racks for your project up to 42U

  • Up to 42U space per cabinet
  • Electricity: On demand
  • Network drop: On demand
  • Management: Basic Support

Custom Cages

The ideal choice for large-scale projects requiring complete security and control.

  • Custom Configurations
  • Electricity: On demand
  • Network drop: On demand
  • Management: Basic Support

Features & Benefits

  • World Class Facilities:Our 22,000 sq. ft. London facility was designed from the ground up to be state of the art technologies across cooling, server storage, and power.
  • Tier 4 Design:The data centre is powered by a dedicated substation connected to the municipal supply. All server racks are connected to a redundant N + N uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system backed up by N + 1 diesel generators with enough fuel to run the data centre for one week.
  • Location: Colocation hosting London has the distinct advantage of being perfectly situated in order to connect Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Our London data centre also features peering agreements that make connecting to the financial markets a breeze.
  • High Bandwidth Capacity: Our London server colocation can accommodate dedicated network connections of 20Gbps and above using top-tier network providers such as Level3, Sprint, Cogent and Zayo/Abovenet.

Why do Businesses Prefer ServerMania's London Data Center?


Unlike a tier 3 data centre, our Tier 4 London data centres are dual redundant across power, networking, and cooling. This means that there are completely independent n 1 dual systems feeding each server rack.

High Bandwidth

Our London colocation services are capable of delivering the high bandwidth needed for streaming services, VPN, and more. We are able to deliver dedicated 20Gbps ports or higher in this server colocation facility.


Physical and environmental security are at the heart of our central London data centre design. With security and technical support on-site 24x7, you can rest assured that your servers are safe and secure.


Our colocation data centre is capable of supporting even large projects with custom cages available. We can customize your colocation experience based on your power, networking, and space requirements.


High Density Cooling

All areas of the data centre benefit from N+1 cooling resilience and we are able to cool up to 10kW per rack. We also utilize bespoke cold aisle containment and the use of blanking plates to ensure that the best practices are adhered to.

Reliable Power

We adhere to the best practices in data centre energy management by offering N+N dual-power redundancy for all colocation customers.


Our London facility is certified in a variety of industry certifications including ISO 9001, 14001, 27001:2013 and 50001 accredited as well as EU Code of Conduct members.

Standards & Connectivity

ServerMania's London colocation facility exceeds all industry standards in order to provide a reliable and affordable data centre experience:


  • Dual feeds from dedicated sub-station
  • 5MVA of customer capacity
  • Redundant N+N 2 string UPS systems


  • Security guards on-site 24x7x365
  • Full height perimeter security fence, electronic car-park gate, and tail gated man trap
  • Internal and external cameras covering the building, Intruder alarms, proximity readers on all doors and facial recognition biometric


  • Level3, Cogent and Zayo/Abovenet.
  • Direct access to the London IX, LINX


  • N+1 High capacity air conditioning systems
  • Maintain cold aisle temperature at 22°C
  • Cold aisle containment

Frequently Asked Questions

+How much does London colocation cost?

Our colocation services are competitively priced to meet the needs of any project, whether it's a single 1U server or multiple cages. Colocation pricing is very unique to each customer based on the number of network drops, rack space, power demands, IP addressing, private networking, and any other unique requirements. We recommend requesting a quote and providing as much detail as possible to get an exact price on colocation in our data centres.

+What's the difference between a tier 3 and tier 4 data centre?

Our central London facility is a tier 4 data centre. That means that it meets the highest levels of redundancy available across power, networking, and cooling. There are redundant pathways available for each system so that one connection could be completely degraded without any outages experienced by a client.

+What network providers are available?

ServerMania's data centres are carrier-neutral facilities. They can be connected with fibre internet available in the facility. ServerMania has agreements with some of the largest providers such as Level3, Sprint, Cogent and Zayo/Abovenet.

+Do you offer remote hands?

Yes, remote hands are available in each of our data centres. Depending on your needs, we can make accommodations for a fixed amount of remote hands hours each month in the data centre, or handle it on a case by case basis.

+Do you offer any other services in London?

We offer both colocation, IT services, 24x7 remote hands and London dedicated servers.


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