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1. Save Time

You want a fast and easy to use solution for your next server project. But sourcing, building, and maintaining servers takes precious time away from what is most important to you - running your business.

Our entire job is to find the best enterprise-grade servers to accomplish your goals. We live and breathe servers. Let us do the heavy lifting so your time is spent on your business, not building servers.

2. Save Money

Enterprise-grade servers that deliver the best uptime and performance are expensive. Building these servers and keeping up with hardware replacements can cost thousands of dollars per server. On top of that, you need staff on-site 24x7 to support these machines.

When you choose ServerMania, we take care of all of that. You pay us a fixed server rental fee, and we manage the entire server build and maintenance process.

3. Improve Performance and Uptime

Nothing kills customer confidence and business resources more than downtime. That’s why you need a server partner that can deliver maximum uptime and performance.

With a 100% network uptime SLA and fully redundant power, networking, and cooling - you can rest assured that your servers will be online when you need them.

4. Reach A Global Audience

In order to deliver your web content to a global audience at blazing fast speeds, you need a partner with a data center presence in every corner of the world.

ServerMania’s 8 data centers are optimally spaced throughout the world to reach a global audience and 10Gbps connections deliver content faster than ever possible.

5. Trusted By Thousands

Your business deserves a trusted partner that has years of experience delivering servers to businesses both small and large.

Since 2002, ServerMania has been the trusted server providers to some of the world’s largest companies. Our clients include Comodo, AVG, Symantec and Sendlane just to name a few.

6. Personalized Service

There’s nothing worse than being treated as just another number and talking to providers who have no idea who you are or what servers are right for your business.

That’s why ServerMania is focused on delivering a custom and personalized server experience. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you on any problems you may have and provide you with a single point of contact for growing your business with us.

7. 24x7 Support

Some large providers think that access to great support should be an extra charge and hidden behind a difficult to navigate control panel.

Not so with ServerMania - you have access to our 24x7 expert support team at any time using live chat, phone, and email. We also have 15 minutes or less response times guaranteed.

8. Access to the Latest Hardware

Delivering a reliable experience to your users requires the latest top of the line servers. But upgrading servers and investing in reliable enterprise-grade hardware is costly and time consuming.

With ServerMania, you always have access to the latest Xeon and AMD processors, backed by industry trusted Supermicro components. Instead of spending thousands on hardware, you can always order a server for one single monthly fee.

ServerMania provides powerful and easy to use server solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Stop wasting time and money building and maintaining servers. ServerMania provides you with server access for one low monthly price.

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