Empowered Server MANAGEMENT

Let our experts supervise your IT so you can focus on your business.

Supported Systems

We support a wide variety of popular server configurations. Our team is expertly trained in these applications to give you the absolute best server management experience. In order for us to provide the best server management experience, you must meet the following requirements:

Operating Systems

The server must be running one of these operating systems in its current life cycle:

CentOS | Fedora | RedHat | Debian
Control Panels

The server must be running at least one of these control panels:

cPanel / WHM | Plesk | DirectAdmin
Virtualadmin | Interworx
Virtualization Platforms

The server must be running either bare metal, or one of these virtualization platforms:

VMware | Virtuozzo | OnApp
SolusVM Cloudmin | None (Bare Metal)


Once your server has been deployed, our team is ready to ensure it is properly configured and secure from day one. We can perform data migration and configuration based on your exact requirements so that your server is set up perfectly.

Initial Server Setup

(IP/Hostname/Control Panel/DNS)

OS installation

Control panel installation

Initial server security audit

and hardening

ServerMania Cloud Backup

Setup and Scheduling

Server migrations

(for supported platforms)

Control Panel migrations are limited to one instance with a maximum of 1000 accounts. Additional accounts may be subject to review and additional migration costs.



Our Empowered package includes 24x7x365 server monitoring with guaranteed human intervention in under 15 minutes. Our server operations team will monitor these common ports for connectivity:

  • FTP (21)
  • DNS (53)
  • MAP (143)
  • WHM (2086)
  • SSH (22)
  • WEB (80)
  • WEB SSL (443)
  • mySQL (3306)
  • SMTP (25)
  • POP (110)
  • cPanel (2082)
  • 2 user defined ports

In the event of a service outage reported by our custom monitoring platform, we will contact you and follow your instructions precisely to ensure service is restored as quickly as possible. We’ll craft an action plan with you to handle any incident.

Security Audit and Management

Once you have signed up for our Empowered package, we will begin with a comprehensive security analysis of your server. This includes OS hardening, updates, and security patching. We will perform weekly checks on your server to keep everything up to date and secure.

Our team will perform a series of comprehensive server hardening techniques to ensure your server is protected against intrusion. Our server management system notifies us about any server weaknesses in order for us to quickly patch any holes in your server security that may emerge.

This includes making recommendations for system updates and patching vulnerabilities
Key Features:
  • Initial Security Audit
    • Major vulnerability checks
      (Heartbleed, DROWN, DirtyCOW, CVEs, etc...)
    • Kernel and OS checks
  • Server Hardening and Optimization
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation
  • Rootkit Scan
  • Connectivity and SSH Hardening
  • User role and password management
  • Software firewall setup and management
  • Software updates such as OS, kernel, apache, PHP,
  • MySQL Services to secure a server after an intrusion

Server Performance

Our Empowered server management plan provides you access to an experienced team of server administrators guaranteed to keep your server running at peak performance. We conduct routine performance and health checks on your server to ensure it is running smoothly.

Disk Health Check
RPM Integrity
Remote Port Scan
Disable Unnecessary/ Unsecure Services
Respond to alerts

Backup Management

Every mission-critical server needs to have a robust backup system in place in the event of hardware failure or the loss of data. Our Empowered package includes our help in setting up and scheduling backups using the ServerMania Cloud Backup solution.

We do not actively monitor or maintain backups for you, but we are on standby to restore from the backup files at any time. We can help you restore backups but we do not guarantee successful restoration as you will need to monitor any backup errors.

  • ServerMania Cloud
    Backup Setup
  • Backup configuration and
  • Restore a server from

Looking for more support?

Our Empowered server management package is ideal for those looking to completely outsource their server management needs.

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