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Cloud Instance Packages

These standard tier compute instances can handle variable levels of CPU performance, ideal for web applications and development environments.

S1-251 GB1 CPU25 GB1 TB$5$0.007Deploy Now
S2-502 GB1 CPU50 GB2 TB$10$0.013Deploy Now
S4-804 GB2 CPU80 GB4 TB$20$0.027Deploy Now
S6-1006 GB2 CPU100 GB4 TB$30$0.040Deploy Now
S8-1608 GB4 CPU160 GB5 TB$40$0.054Deploy Now
S16-32016 GB6 CPU320 GB8 TB$80$0.108Deploy Now
S32-64032 GB8 CPU640 GB12 TB$150$0.202Deploy Now
S48-96048 GB12 CPU960 GB16 TB$250$0.336Deploy Now
S64-150064 GB16 CPU1.5 TB20 TB$350$0.470Deploy Now
S96-200096 GB20 CPU2 TB20 TB$500$0.672Deploy Now
S128-3000128 GB24 CPU3 TB20 TB$650$0.874Deploy Now


Our Cloud Servers are engineered to deliver high-availability and high-performance for even the most demanding projects. Here’s how we do it:

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Unlike other Cloud providers, we don’t believe in charging extra for support or keeping it gated behind confusing management portals. As your server partner, our support team is always accessible to you. With ServerMania you can always count on:

24x7 Expert Support
Contact us via live chat, email or phone
Affordable Server Management Options
15 Minute Response Times
Jose, Doug and Cam from ServerMania

Not all clouds are created equal

Modern businesses depend on a wider range of IT infrastructure now more than ever.

When implementing our cloud hosting solution, we made it our mission to keep it simple, even for non-experts. Our platform offers a cost-effective and secure public cloud to businesses of all sizes.

Always have your servers at your fingertips with the ServerMania Cloud app.
View your servers, monitor usage information, edit virtual machines and much more!
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Why Use the ServerMania Public Cloud

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Only pay for the server resources you need and switch plans as needed.

Scale Resources Instantly

Add more CPU, RAM, or storage at any time through our easy to use control panel.

Rapidly Deploy New Servers

Tired of waiting for a new server deployment? Spin up a new Cloud instance in seconds.

Reduce Time Managing Servers

Our easy to use control panel gives you complete access to manage all servers in just a few clicks.

Automate Server Tasks

Automate server management and provisioning using server templates and our robust API.

Increase Server Uptime

Every cloud hosting package is connected to redundant power, networking, CPU, storage, and RAM.

ServerMania Cloud Use Cases

E-Commerce Businesses
SaaS / Application Hosting
Small Business

E-Commerce Businesses

Server downtime and latency can destroy even the most resilient E-Commerce retailers. Customer experience and confidence are critical in order to build a long-lasting brand. The cornerstone of this experience should be based on the best Cloud servers, designed for high-availability and performance. This will ensure optimal uptime and site loading times while giving E-Commerce businesses the option to easily scale during a large sale.

SaaS / Application Hosting

As a SaaS provider, you need a cloud web hosting strategy which incorporates agility and scalability. Increased customer demand for your service can result in immediate demand for new servers. With our Cloud API, you can programmatically integrate with our services to deploy and manage servers with ease. The ServerMania Cloud can improve operational efficiency in SaaS companies, and allow internal IT stakeholders to focus on core business projects.

Small Business

Small businesses form the backbone of our economy. As a small business, you need a Cloud host who understands that not everyone is a technology expert. That’s why we’ve designed ServerMania Cloud hosting to be complete, but not complex. We give you all the tools you need to easily deploy new server resources, and we’re always here to help 24x7 if you run into trouble. Cloud server hosting is the right choice for any small business looking to manage infrastructure costs so they can focus on their core business.


5 star gold

ServerMania’s 24/7 support service is outstanding. I haven’t seen any other provider even coming close. What’s more, ServerMania always approaches problems with a positive manner. Every staff member I have encountered always made me feel that I was their priority.

DevOps Director, Comodo
Comodo case study


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