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The average business uses more than 100 web applications to support its operations, to market to customers, to manage data, to organize projects, to collaborate and communicate, and more. Web applications are a vital component of your business’s infrastructure, which makes your choice of app hosting one the most important business decisions you’ll ever make.

ServerMania’s global hosting platform is the ideal foundation for the apps that matter most to your business. Choose the custom hosting that fits your app’s requirements, whether it’s an open-source web app such as WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, or Magento; the back-end for a mobile app or Progressive Web App (PWA); or an internal web application that your business depends on.

Deploy your app to bare metal application servers with our range of Dedicated Servers, choose a virtual Hybrid deployment for lightweight application hosting, or install Docker, Kubernetes, or the container and VM management solutions of your choice to create a flexible modern app development, testing, and hosting environment.

5 Reasons ServerMania Is the Right Hosting Platform for Your Apps

Engineered for Reliability
Hardware and Networks You Can Rely On
Data Privacy For Peace of Mind
Flexible Server Management Plans
Compatible With Any App
Engineered for Reliability
The quality of the app hosting platform determines the reliability and performance of your apps. Every ServerMania application solution is built from the most reliable enterprise-grade hardware and housed in a data center with redundant network connectivity and power. We continuously renew our hardware to ensure that our customers have access to the cutting-edge.


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“With more than one year of service, ServerMania is an excellent supplier and technology partner, and a brilliant choice for our business. The customer service is one of the best we have had. We feel that our services are well supported.”

Altemar Perez

Nexus Radical, C.A.


ServerMania has a variety of server options to meet your needs and budget. Whether you need an affordable Cloud Server, a powerful Dedicated Server, or you’d prefer to host your own server in our data center - we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Servers

Instantly create and deploy Cloud servers in seconds with the ServerMania Cloud. Our Cloud servers are redundant across all components and feature an easy to use control panel.

Starting at $5.00/month
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Dedicated Servers

Gain control over every aspect of your hosting solution with custom dedicated servers. Each server uses enterprise-grade components and is hosted in our secure data centers.

Starting at $50.00/month
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High Bandwidth Servers

ServerMania offers high bandwidth dedicated servers up to 50Gbps. Each server includes an unmetered dedicated port to power the most demanding high-bandwidth applications.

Starting at $695/month
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Host your privately-owned servers and equipment secured in our top-tier data centers. Receive access to redundant power and networking with only the best top-tier networks.

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We’ve designed our App Hosting solutions with everything you need to deliver applications smoothly and reliably.

10Gbps Network Connections
100% Network Uptime SLA
The Last Xeon Processors
512GB+ of RAM
Global Data Center Locations
Ultrafast SSD storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Available
Dedicated Account Manager
Personalized 24x7 Support

What’s the difference between an application server and a web server?

While the physical hardware underlying a web server and an application server are the same, the hardware you will want to select for each server may be different as well as the software choices.

In this article, we’ll outline the difference between a web vs app server so you can make an informed decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

+What is dedicated application hosting?

Dedicated application hosting is a bare-metal environment that is used to host applications. Unlike cloud hosting services, a dedicated server is a single-tenant hosting solution. The full resources of the hardware are at your disposal, and you can tailor those resources to the needs of your app.

+What’s the best application server OS?

It depends on the application. The most popular operating system for app hosting services is Linux. We support many Linux distributions, including Ubuntu Server and CentOS. Apps written in languages such as C# run on Microsoft Windows, and we support several versions of Windows Server on our app servers. Many cloud applications will happily run on either OS, allowing you to choose whichever you prefer.

+How does a server affect application performance?

App performance is correlated with system resources, network latency, and other factors influenced by your choice of hardware and service provider.

ServerMania offers servers in many configurations so that you can choose the right specifications for your app. Our networks are route-optimized to reduce latency and fast enough to support the busiest enterprise apps. We host cloud application servers in 8 data centers across North America, Europe, and Canada so our customers can choose the best low-latency location for their apps.

+How to optimize a server for application hosting?

Application service optimization is a complex topic that depends on many different factors. Each app and app service hosting should be individually optimized. Contact our sales and support teams to discuss the ideal specifications and optimizations for your app hosting scenario.

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