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High availability and performance database hosting solutions that are flexible and scalable to your business needs.

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Not only do databases need to perform flawlessly, they need to be secure from data intrusion and comply with data residency requirements.

Behind every web application, ecommerce store, analytics platform, and document management system, there is a database. Essential business processes from payroll and customer relationship management to human resources and communications depend on databases. ServerMania Dedicated Database Servers are engineered to be the ultimate database hosting solution for businesses from SMEs to the largest organizations. They deliver fast and secure data storage and retrieval for databases of any size.

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How to choose the right server to host your database

In this article, we will explore the factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a database server.

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High-Performance Hardware
A Network You Can Rely On
Data Security and Privacy
Scalable and Flexible
Compatible With Any App
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High-Performance Hardware

Modern database software is optimized for fast and efficient data storage and retrieval. But, without the right server, database software can’t perform efficiently and you may experience hardware bottlenecks. Slow database performance manifests as sluggish applications, extended data processing, and increased latency for business-critical operations.

ServerMania Dedicated Database Hosting is optimized for optimal database performance. From the latest Xeon CPUs to ECC RAM, and high-performance SSD storage and NvME drives with RAID redundancy — we choose every component so that your database never has to wait for the hardware to catch up.


A Network You Can Rely On

Network performance and availability are crucial when databases are hosted in a remote data center. If the network can’t deliver data fast enough, applications will be slow to respond no matter how good the server hardware is. Network downtime and latency paralyzes businesses that depend on their databases.

All ServerMania database hosting servers include a 100% Network Uptime SLA. Our network is built on multiple redundant connections to the world’s largest bandwidth providers. Each server is equipped with a minimum 1Gbps dedicated network connection with 10Gbps and 20Gbps connections available in some locations. This combination delivers a consistent and reliable network infrastructure that you can trust to power your database hosting needs.


Data Security and Privacy

Databases are often the storage medium for sensitive customer records and business information. As consumers become more aware of the inherent risk of entrusting personal data to third-parties, the data privacy regime under which that data is stored becomes critically important.

When you choose database hosting in a secure data center, you are protecting your database from a multitude of physical and environmental threats. Every server is guarded 24x7 with onsite security and protected by fire suppression technologies. We also choose data center locations like Montreal that can comply with the data residency requirements of your business.

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Scalable and Flexible

With data needs and demands growing each year and more businesses collecting big data, you need a database hosting solution that can grow with your business with a partner that can custom tailor server and network infrastructure to your specifications.

Thousands of businesses trust ServerMania hosting services because we allow businesses to access the latest enterprise grade hardware for an affordable monthly price without any up-front hardware expenses. This allows you to spin up additional dedicated or hybrid server resources quickly as data demands grow. If you have custom server requirements or a unique network configuration that you’d like to achieve between database servers, we can work with you to develop a solution that works for your business.

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Compatible With Any App

There are dozens of databases, many of which are designed to excel in a specific domain. We believe your choice of database software shouldn’t be limited by your server, and so we support a huge variety of databases.

Our database hosting delivers incredible performance and reliability for your preferred database, including relational workhorses like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database; NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB; and specialized document store databases such as Riak and ElasticSearch. In fact, we support any database that runs on Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Empowering Thousands Of Brands Of All Shapes And Sizes


ServerMania has a variety of server options to meet your needs and budget. Whether you need an affordable Cloud Server, a powerful Dedicated Server, or you’d prefer to host your own server in our data center  - we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Servers

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Instantly create and deploy Cloud servers in seconds with the ServerMania Cloud. Our Cloud servers are redundant across all components and feature an easy to use control panel.
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Dedicated Servers

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Gain control over every aspect of your hosting solution with custom dedicated servers. Each server uses enterprise-grade components and is hosted in our secure data centers.
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High Bandwidth Servers

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ServerMania offers high bandwidth dedicated servers up to 50Gbps. Each server includes an unmetered dedicated port to power the most demanding high-bandwidth applications.
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Host your privately-owned servers and equipment secured in our top-tier data centers. Receive access to redundant power and networking with only the best top-tier networks.
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Our servers support any Linux or Windows database software solution. Some of the more popular ones include:

db microsoftsql logoMicrosoft SQL
db mysql logoMySQL
db maria logoMariaDB
db postgresql logoPostgreSQL
db oracle logoOracle Database
db mongo logoMongoDB
db sqlite logoSQLite
db cache logoCacheDB


ServerMania Dedicated and Small Business Cloud Servers deliver the industry-leading features that every business needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Up to 20 Gbps Network Speeds
100% Network Uptime SLA
AMD and Intel Processors
512GB+ of RAM
Global Data Center Locations
Ultra Fast NVMe Hard Drives
Unmetered Bandwidth Available
Dedicated Account Manager
Personalized 24x7 Support


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