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VPN server solutions

Global awareness of the risk posed by cybercrime has skyrocketed in recent years. The average consumer is more aware than ever of the dangers of data leaks and identity theft.

Consumers are adopting Virtual Private Networks in ever greater numbers as they seek to protect their data and their privacy. The VPN industry has grown to meet that demand and will be worth an estimated $20 billion by 2020. We created ServerMania Dedicated VPN Servers to help VPN providers meet the needs of their users for secure, low-latency connectivity, anywhere in the world.


Ultra-Low Latency Networks
Reduced Bandwidth Costs
Diverse and High Volume IP Addresses
Global Hosting Locations
Customized Solutions
Flexible Managed Services
Ultra-Low Latency Networks
As a VPN Provider, performance is essential to your business. Your customers demand servers close to them and a VPN server experience with minimal server latency.

ServerMania networks are optimized for the lowest possible latency. All of our data centers offer redundant connections to top-tier network carriers. Each server is connected via a minimum dedicated 1Gbps port to ensure that your connection to the internet is always blazing fast. We also offer a 100% network uptime SLA so that your dedicated server is always accessible.


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“With servers in 60+ Datacenters in 50+ countries I can legitimately say that you guys stand out. Everything from support to network is 5-star. Server Mania has added real value for our clients in over 120 countries worldwide.”




ServerMania has a variety of server options to meet your needs and budget. Whether you need an affordable Cloud Server, a powerful Dedicated Server, or you’d prefer to host your own server in our data center - we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Servers

Instantly create and deploy Cloud servers in seconds with the ServerMania Cloud. Our Cloud servers are redundant across all components and feature an easy to use control panel.

Starting at $5.00/month
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Dedicated Servers

Gain control over every aspect of your hosting solution with custom dedicated servers. Each server uses enterprise-grade components and is hosted in our secure data centers.

Starting at $50.00/month
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High Bandwidth Servers

ServerMania offers high bandwidth dedicated servers up to 50Gbps. Each server includes an unmetered dedicated port to power the most demanding high-bandwidth applications.

Starting at $695/month
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Host your privately-owned servers and equipment secured in our top-tier data centers. Receive access to redundant power and networking with only the best top-tier networks.

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We’ve designed our VPN hosting solutions with everything VPN services need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Every dedicated VPN server includes:

10Gbps Network Connections
100% Network Uptime SLA
The Last Xeon Processors
512GB+ of RAM
Global Data Center Locations
Ultrafast SSD storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Available
Dedicated Account Manager
Personalized 24x7 Support

How to Deliver the Fastest and Most Secure VPN Service

In this article, we’re going to look at what it takes to build a fast and secure VPN service, with a particular focus on server hosting, networks, and data center location.


Frequently Asked Questions

+What is a dedicated VPN server?

A dedicated VPN server is a server securely stored in a data center that is designed and optimized for delivering VPN services to a customer. These dedicated servers are connected to network routes and bandwidth providers that can deliver the low-latency and high performance that customers demand when connecting to a VPN.

+How many static IP addresses are available?

We’re equipped to handle the static IP address needs of any VPN server provider. With the proper justification, we can provision thousands of static IP addresses in a diverse set of subnets.

+What’s the difference between a static dedicated IP and a dynamic IP?

A static IP is an IP address which is dedicated to your use and does not change when a server is restarted or when a network change occurs, whereas a dynamic IP may be reissued at any time. All IP addresses issued by ServerMania are static IPs.

+How much does a dedicated VPN server cost?

We have a variety of servers to choose from based on your customer needs and budget generally starting from $70/month depending on availability. The Intel E3 1240 V3 is popular among VPN server providers and it usually available for $70/month.

+Which VPN software is supported?

Our servers are available with the latest Linux or Windows operating systems and can support any software available for those operating systems.

+Which management options are available?

We offer a variety of server management packages depending on your needs. We can monitor your server uptime and intervene in the event of an outage, or we can fully manage your server. Click here to view our server management options.

+Does ServerMania have experience working with VPN service providers?

We’ve worked with some of the largest VPN service providers in the world. ServerMania has the tools and expertise needed to help empower the VPN server needs of any organization.

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