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State-of-the-art Tier 4 facility with N+N power redundancy and high bandwidth.

Why UK?

  • Redundancy
  • High Handwidth
  • Security
  • Capacity
  • Remote Hands
  • Price
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Are you looking for colocating at a trusted colocation facility with low latency, unparalleled redundancy that works best for organizations throughout Europe? ServerMania has a state-of-the-art Tier 4 facility with N+N power redundancy and high bandwidth capacity in the UK. This colocation facility suits best for organizations within Europe, Africa, and Asia looking to colocate their infrastructure.

We offer our colocation services in three different sizes:

Half Cabinet

You can reserve up to 20U rack space per cabinet with on-demand power and network bandwidth. This offering is best suited for small businesses who want to host anywhere ranging from a single server to a large workload using dedicated hardware at a colo facility and are okay to share the same rack with other similar companies.


Private Full Cabinet

This is a fully scalable and customizable full rack space for hosting your servers up to 42U. This offering also comes with on-demand power and network bandwidth. As compared to the half-cabinet offering, using a private cabinet provides a higher degree of security and isolation from other businesses' infrastructure within the colocation facility.


Customized Cabinet

Custom cages is our custom solution where the organization is looking to have complete security and control over the physical space. We can customize the cage design according to hardware requirements. This offering also supports on-demand power and network bandwidth.


Please note, all colocation orders are subject to annual commitments. Payments can be made monthly or in one installment.
Lower up-front setup fees on 2 and 3 year contracts. Contact sales for more information.

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We know colocation can be complex, which is why we’ve put together a high-level overview of the benefits to colocating with ServerMania and 7 easy steps to getting the process started.

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Features & Benefits

State-of-the-art data centre


Tier 4 Design

High Bandwidth Capacity

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State-of-the-art data centre

Our data centre in the heart of the UK is a 22,000 square feet space build with the perfect balance of capacity, redundancy, and connectivity. This data centre is ideal for customers within Europe, Africa, western parts of Asia, including the Middle East. With the geographical advantage and high-end design, we offer the cheapest colocation (UK) for your business.

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The facility has a geographical advantage of existing in the UK, having access to the best technologies to support the facility and access to high-quality dedicated support engineers. The UK location is also great to reach anywhere in the European, West Asian, Middle Eastern, and African counties super quickly.

Tier 4 Design

The data centre facility is designed to be fault-tolerant to handle any power, cooling, and connectivity failure. The data centre is powered by a dedicated electric substation connected to the municipal supply. The server racks are connected to a redundant N + N uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system backed up by N + 1 diesel generators with enough fuel to run the data center for one week.

High Bandwidth Capacity

Our UK colocation data centre features up to 20 Gbps connections on Tier 1 networks such as Level3, Zayo, Sprint, Cogent, Abovenet, and others. The high bandwidth and the advantage of the geographical location are the reasons why your business can have superb connectivity throughout the regions mentioned before. Like all our data centers worldwide, we ensure that we provide the best connectivity with the lowest latency for your business.


High Bandwidth
Remote Hands

High Bandwidth

Our UK-based data center facility for colocation can provide up to 50 Gbps speeds with Tier 1 network providers. We can deliver dedicated 20Gbps ports or higher in this server colocation facility.



Our UK server colocation data center has dual redundancy across power, networking, and cooling as per the Tier 4 data center design. The redundant design ensures independent power, networking, and cooling infrastructure components serving every rack.



Physical and environmental security are at the heart of our central UK data center design. With security and technical support on-site 24/7, you can rest assured that your servers are safe and secure.



Our colocation data centers are capable of supporting even large projects with custom cages available. We can customize your colocation experience based on your power, networking, and space requirements.


Remote Hands

We hire the best data centre engineers. These engineers are available to help you out for a fixed amount of hours each month and handle any issues you might be facing on a case-by-case basis.



With the most advanced data center design, redundant bandwidth, physical security, and data center capacity, our colocation offering is the cheapest UK colocation services compared to any other UK-based colocation services.


High-Density Cooling

With the efficient and redundant cooling infrastructure for every rack, we can cool up to 10kW per rack. We also utilize our own customized cold aisle containment for better cooling. We also use blanking plates to ensure that we are following the best practices.

Redundant, Reliable Power

To comply with the Tier 4 design philosophy and offer our clients the most reliable experience, we offer N+N dual-power redundancy for all the customers using our colocation services.


Our UK facility is certified in a variety of industry certifications, including ISO 9001, 14001, 27001:2013, and 50001 accredited and EU Code of Conduct members.

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Standards & Connectivity

ServerMania's London colocation facility exceeds all industry standards in order to provide a reliable and affordable data centre experience:


  • 5 MVA of power allocation to support huge workloads
  • Redundant N+N 2-string UPS systems for fault-tolerance



  • Dedicated, all-inclusive, on-site security services, 24/7, all days of a year
  • Full-height perimeter security fence, electronic car-park gate, and tailgated man trap
  • Internal and external CCTV cameras covering the building along with intruder alarms, proximity readers on all doors, and facial recognition biometric for all personnel that accesses the facility


  • N+1 redundant cooling using high-capacity air conditioning systems
  • Maintain cold aisle temperature at the industry standard 22°C
  • Cold aisle containment for efficient cooling and optimal hardware performance

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